Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday P!

Yupz, just did a little surprise pre-birthday celebration @ hostel specially for dear Puspa. And glad that my plan worked, Puspa was caught off-guard. Well, her real birthday is tomorrow, 24th July 2010 but she's not working on her birthday, of course, so I had to do it one day earlier. Here are some of the photos taken just now! More photos can be found at abearygoodhostel facebook! Happy Birthday, P! Hope you like the gift and cake! :)

P's Birthday Cake

Yup, that's P totally embarrassed by the surprise.. hehe..:)

"I wish I can go for spa every single day!!"

P's Gift, a crazy lamp!!

She is one of the craziest person I've ever met, so, when I saw this cute lamp with "CRAZY" on it, told myself, this is the one I must get for her!! ha ha!

Once again, Happy Birthday, gal! :)

p/s: Sorry Paula, I missed celebrating your birthday last month cos I was busy celebrating mine a day before yours..hehe...-_- but I do have something specially for you when you are back on your shift tomorrow, ya! :)

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