Monday, November 14, 2011

Beary Whaaat? It's Beary Best!!!

So in the last week, we have been having lotsa fun playing around in our facebook page...

Starting with the age old question of what might be the name of our next Beary-assuming-we-have-a-new-Beary-hostel.

Yes we do get that a lot! From the moment the first guest strolled into a Beary Good hostel in Feb 2010, we have been asked... " what's gonna be the name of the next hostel?" countless of times...

Beary Awesome?
Beary Cool?
Beary Fantastic?
Beary the Matrix?...

Well, anyway.... we got a whopping list of responses within a short 2 hours!
(Ps: make a mental note on the first response by Tinai Lert!)

For their wonderful suggestions, 5 lucky friends won a free night stay at our hostel. (Interestingly 3 of them have already claimed the prize! That's really quick!)

And the more observant folks have been asking us for the meaning behind the "beary whaaat?" profile pic. Did you notice that?

Well, the time has come. Actually, it's because we can't hold back much longer~
Good news simply has to be shared!

We are proud, pleased and very happy to announce our latest addition to the Beary family...

Presenting to you... ahemm.... surprise? surprise!

beary best! will be our 3rd hostel in Chinatown Singapore! and we are in time to open our doors before 2011 come to a close!

Located along Upper Cross Street, we have yet again managed to retain our tradition of having the best and most convenient locations for our hostels. :)

The ever useful Chinatown MRT station is yet again a short 2 minutes walk away. Getting to Pagoda Street, where our a beary good hostel Headquarters is located... takes just 3 minutes. And within a 10 minutes stroll, you will find yourself at Clarke Quay, Boat Quay and Raffles Place (yes we have verified that against google map!)

But wait it's not just about location. We did not decide to call it BEST for no good reason.

Beary Best offers various dorm types to fit your preference... from 6 bed, 8 bed dorms and even a Ladies dorm! And you can expect even more top notch facilities at the same ever affordable prices!

We will reveal more details in the coming weeks... Including some sneak previews of the dorm rooms. Unfortunately, we don't have any "artist impression" photos to put up. We don't like "artist impressions" because:

i) we ain't no artist (we are simple people with no talents and without the money to afford fancy designers...)
ii) nothing beats showing the real thing (and it's definitely worth the wait!)

So STAY TUNED and if you are planning to make your way to Singapore... and you just can't wait for another week.... Click here to book now! or email us at


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