Friday, March 30, 2012

How to give our beary dusty bears a shower 101

 Few days ago, our bears decided to gather around in one corner and have a sit-out until we give them a shower. They refused to budge until we give them their long-awaited shower as they miss getting hugs from our guests.

 Here is the beginner’s guide on how to give the bears a shower

Step One: Put all the bears into pillowcases so they are well protected from all the twirling and spinning around.

 Can you make a guess on how many bears can fill up one pillowcase?

Step two: Tie the ends of the pillowcase into a tight knot to make sure all the bears are comfortably secured.

Little Miss Grubby Grey refuses to have a shower with the others.
We had to hold her paw and tell her everything is going to be ok.

A last goodbye wave before the washing starts.

Step 3: Heehee, a little bit of soap won’t hurt.


in less than 2 hours our bears are beary clean, nice-smelling and dust free. Now go back to your little nooks and crannies dear bears and get those much needed hugs.


jon hafkian said...

so sweet!hahaah... :)

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