Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yummy Toothpaste Oreo! Happy April Fools' Day!

Put a lazy Sunday and April’s Fool day together... and you’ll get a bunch of restless guys up to no good. What’s April 1 without some delicious and healthy prank right?

Well, being the uncreative and unimaginative people that we are... we took inspiration from a radio DJ and decided to embark on the age old oreo toothpaste prank!

Ummm... well actually it’s the other way around! We should call it toothpaste oreo!

Read on to find out!

After some serious shopping, we finally found the two ingredients! It was surprisingly difficult to find normal oreos in Chinatown – the shops seem to stock a lot of those chocolate and berry ones these days.

And so we set off to create our own toothpaste oreos!

STEP 1: Prepare the cookies

Carefully unpack the cookies. Gently twist to open the cookie up.

Now scrap the cream off. No licking at this point. Remember, Hygiene is beary important... even on April Fools' Day!


STEP 2: Replace the yummy cream with equally yummy toothpaste!

This is where the toothpaste comes in… but just as we started, we were hit with our first setback!!

While we were careful to look for the original oreos with white cream... we overlooked the toothpaste part?!! IT’s NOT WHITE! @#$@#@$

(Why is it so difficult to find NORMAL oreos and NORMAL toothpaste these days?!)

Well not a problem that 3 smart guys can’t solve. After scavenging around for leftover toothpaste in the hostel, we finally made a quick trip to the pharmacy next door and bought the classic white toothpaste.

We are back in business!

A little squeeze, and gently twist the cookies back together.

...let out your best evil laughter!

Step 3: Let the toothpaste settle... and in the mean time... do some real work like checking in guests...

Leave the oreos in the fridge for an hour to allow the toothpaste to harden...

Then try to spot the difference... One of this is an original oreo. J

In the mean time… Haykel helps himself with the cream. Nothing goes to waste in this prank…

Step 4: Find a victim!

Here’s the easy part. Know any naïve and hungry people around you? We know of TWO!

And so we made a visit first to Beary Nice! where chirpy Nami was busy camwhoring with a guest.

She actually asked to be fed btw… so that’s Haykel’s hand feeding her…

See the wonderful reaction!

And it gets easier at this point. Recruit the first victim and use her to get the second victim! (isn’t that how most vampire movies work anyway)

And off we went to A Beary Good Hostel… where a starving Jeanna gratefully feed herself with 2 “oreos”!

The nice minty effect seem pretty consistent!

Mission Accomplished! Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!

Disclaimer: Please do not attempt to recreate any of this. And even if you do so, please use good dentist recommended toothpaste in small quantities. =)

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