Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A little farewell note from Beary Good and Nice...

A Little Farewell Note from Beary Good and Nice...

Dear Beary friends,

After some 5 amazing years, our two precious outlets: A Beary Good Hostel @ Pagoda Street and Beary Nice! Hostel @ Smith Street will no longer be in operation. 


In the past weeks - we have sent over hundreds of emails reaching out to our beloved guests with existing bookings at Beary Good and Beary Nice with news on this. 

As communicated in the mail, existing guests may rest assured that their booking(s) will continue to be honoured at the same price either at Beary Best Hostel @ Upper Cross Street or at the existing original locations by the new operator - Burrow Hostels whom we have been working very closely with in the past months. 

Understandably, you might have further questions or concerns so please feel free to reach out directly to us. The Care Bears team shall remain sincerely at your service. :)

The decision to put "Beary Good" and "Beary Nice" into indefinite hibernation was a difficult one. Nevertheless it was also very necessary, in our opinion. 

It came as we reflect hard on all your feedback and pondered on what has made Beary... Good... Nice... and Best the last 5 years. We were reminded of the simple values Beary was founded on and it became clear that the time has come for us to re-organize ourselves, go back to basic and focus on what matters most for backpackers and budget travellers. 

We will have the chance to showcase our efforts and beary fresh ideas at our flagship hostel: Beary Best! (the sole surviving Beary... until we get it right!). Improvements will come in gradually but surely. We are already excited just thinking of it!

Finally - we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your support at Beary Good and Beary Nice! through the past 5 years. 

Your continued patronage is the very reason why we are around! 
See you now at Beary Best hostel!

5 years ago 
we set out to build a little hostel 
that we think will be just good enough...

If you have photos taken at Beary Good and Beary Nice! we would love to have them posted on our Facebook page. Please like us and post the photos here:

Warmest regards,
Care Bears!

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