Friday, April 9, 2010

This is how you watch a Horror Flick, a beary good style

There are so many ways one could do to avoid watching the scary part of a horror movie. Today, Puspa decided to forgo her sleep after her night shift stint and wanna relax herself after a massage and watch a couple of movies at the hostel. Anyway, we were so amused by the way she was watching the horror movie, SHUTTER (a thai scary movie), besides hurling occasional vulgarities when the so called "ghost" suddenly appear on the screen and coupled with some high pitch screams (and trust me that woman can really screeccchhh!!)... what's so amazing was how tortured she looked and how painful the whole process was for her in watching the movie, I'm just thinking why the hell did she have to put herself through it in the first place! Anyway, I don't need to explain, the photos we captured secretly shows how our dear beary good Puspa reacts to the horror movie.

Oh ya, take note on how cool Rosemarie (one of our guest) looked throughout the whole show... ha ha... and Puspa, well.. ermm... you'll see what I mean.

The covering eyes using both hands position (Rosemarie with -_- look)

The "peek-a-boo" plus hugging safety pillow position (Rosemarie with -_- look)

The full coverage pillow position (This is to ensure that the ghost doesn't suddenly jump out to scratch Puspa's face and Rosemarie again with -_- look)

The full coverage using pillow plus both hands position (Rosemarie is still showing -_- look)

The "in denial" position - surf and cover eyes using one hand (Rosemarie decided to ditch Puspa)

And all the time, Puspa wasn't aware that we took her photos using our security cam... not until we made it famous by uploading it to Facebook! Both Nas and me had a real good laugh! Thanks Puspa for making our day!

Signing off from abearygoodhostel!

Lisa K

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