Monday, March 29, 2010

We are famous!! or maybe not so... yet... ha ha

It's been a long while since I wrote something here.. argh.. been real busy... ha ha... anyway, have something interesting to share here!! Well, I received an sms this morning from an old pal and this is what it says "Hey saw a beary good hostel featured in today's papers. Congrats! :)"

Well, I must admit it, I was really shocked and don't deny that got a little excited cos I thought when you are featured in the media or papers or something, well, at least somebody would have informed you right? unless it's bad press or something... So immediately we quickly bought a copy of the local newspaper downstairs, The Sunday Times and flipped through the pages hastily and found this:

How cool is that? I guess our name was randomly selected to support this article...:) Nevertheless, was pretty happy about it. Free advert, why not?? ha ha...:)

Also, finally abearygoodhostel's namecard is READY!!! Yes, it took us this long to have it printed but we just wanna make sure it turned out right!! :) Would like to take this opportunity to thank Mei Kit dear who painstakingly drew and design the map for us and made the card look sooooo awesome!!! Thanks so much my dear!! MUACKS!

So, anybody wants a piece of this? Get it from our friendly host at the reception counter!

Lisa K

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