Thursday, May 27, 2010

Adieu Bunny BonBons Galore!!! Welcome Melissa =D

These dinners are suppose to be a quarterly thing but alas, due to an unexpected turn of events, we found ourselves gathered for one barely 2 moths after I went to the first one. Look Ma, I made it to 2 dinners, WOOHOO!!! :P

The location: Ma Maison, @ The Central Mall
Time: half 7, even though SOME of us were late, points fingers at the Bunny :p

As the old adage goes, Good Food, Good People & Good Conversation!

Escargot with garlic butter...oui magnifique!

Beef straganov with rice case in egg...OISHI!!!

Specialty of the House: Hamburger Steak...NICE =D

Of course, not forgetting desserts. From the top, we have cheesecake, brownie ala mode & caramel pudding!

Here's a photo of the whole crew with new member, Melissa. Welcome to the party mate : ) Btw, I'm not usually so chirpy, I'm grouchy most days : )

The Bunny got away with a stash of goodies...Have you ever seen a bunny that loves Doraemon? Well here you go...hahaha!

Adieu me tweet, off to the land down under you go, don't do anything I wouldn't  =D

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