Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Upgrades! Upgrades! Upgrades!

Been a while since I wrote something... well, busy busy busy... Thanks to all the good ratings and reviews, a beary good hostel is almost fully booked every single day, so it has been fantastic! Thanks so much for all your support. Love you all! :)

Well, we have just turned 3 months old since opening our doors to the world on 14th February!! We continuously try to upgrade ourselves and gather feedback from our valued guests and one of those commonly received comments that we have been getting is that our aircon is too cold! Well, some guests like it really cold cos of the hot and humid weather in Singapore and some like it warm and cosy.. so, trying to please everybody as usual, we decided to upgrade the blankets!!! And as we are a backpacker's hostel, budget has always been an issue, and we are no 5 star hotel (maybe we could try opening one, 10 years later perhaps!! A Beary Good Hotel!! ha ha!) but we try our best to provide top quality services and products and continue to maintain affordable price for our dear budget travellers! These quilts are not cheap, mind you!!

So, here it is!! Our latest addition... nice, warm fluffy quilts!! (we still provide fleece blankets on top of this for guests who needs double warmth, so just request for it from our beary friendly host). Hope this will keep our guests super cosy and enjoy a good night sleep.

Lisa K

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