Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Something Random, Something Nice

Many guests left many random things behind the hostel.

As one would say, fun is only restricted by your imagination :)
So on some occasions, you will find some guests not sleeping. But instead doing some things which they themselves couldn't comprehend why.

**** I did witness the entire process, and a picture was taken in the toilet. Sadly I have no idea where is the picture. But since such memorable event should not be forgotten, so I depicted the picture based on my memories. Which is simply bears from different lands crowding in the small shower room, having fun :) ****

And sometimes ending off the night with pork stew in the washer

Along with the sincerity of a smile,differences were forgotten.
Friendships across the border are forged.

With the echoes of the laughter,
Imprints of the smiles.
Can you see it?
Many left a part of their wonderful memories behind:)

So now, what would you leave behind in the hostel? :)
- Paula :)

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