Thursday, August 12, 2010

Featured in newspaper, beary nice! :)

Our little hostel was briefly mentioned in our local newspaper, "Straits Times" for the Singapore's National Day special on 9th August 2010. A month back, a journalist was walking around Chinatown looking for 'new shops' residing in the good old conserved shophouses in Chinatown for his article on "Old shophouses house new shops". I received a text message from Diane asking me to call this guy because he wanted to interview me... and well, I called him and the rest are all in the small little article (actually we spoke more than that and funny the photos seems to be missing.. hehe... oh well..) :)

Anyway, it felt good to be mentioned in the news again! The last time was a surprised one but this time round, we know what and when it's going to be published. I must say, its a different kind of feeling. Here's the previous article in case you've missed it and don't know what I'm yakking about.. ha ha!

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