Friday, November 19, 2010

The best backpacker hostels in Singapore?! :)

Got an msn from Paula, our beary good ex-host and she said her friend happened to see this article published by Typically I won't just click any link fearing those nasty viruses or trojans especially those sent via msn but this time round, just had to do it.. ha ha...

Actually our day host Ila mentioned to me a couple of days ago that a journalist/writer dropped by our hostel to sort of do an interview but I wasnt around. Was pleasantly surprised that our hostel has been selected as one of the best hostels in Singapore! A bit unfortunate that I did not get to meet the journalist/writer of this article else I would have explained why we came up with the 'cheesy' name a beary good hostel.. but nevertheless, am happy to be mentioned although not too sure how they came up with the ratings... :)

Here's the article for your reading pleasure ya!

p/s: Also thanks to our beloved guest Amar Naik for giving a nice review. Really appreciate it and glad you had a nice stay at our hostel!

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