Friday, May 20, 2011


So on a peacefully quiet afternoon at Beary Nice!.. Yay and I were chatting while Luke and Josh were fooling around with our bear's lovely sunglasses..

(♥_♥) Luke you sure look really cool here... (More female stalkers on facebook aye)

Josh joins Luke and.... (♥_♥) (♥_♥) Cuteness overload!!!

So as we continued chatting, we found out it was Josh's 22nd Birthday! (K actually we were eavesdropping on his conversation with his nan.. :p) We HAD to do something. Josh goes off to take a shower and I called for help to deliver a cake for our dear birthday boy! Luke and Yay then pops a bottle of champagne (awesome stuff from France) when Josh comes out from his shower! The birthday boy was grinning the whooole time :D

Cheers! :D

Meanwhile... My beloved friend was running up the beary long flight of stairs to get the cake to us before Josh leaves for his birthday dinner. *Whewwwww* We made it!! Lit the candles at the stairway and brought the cake in.....

Surrrrrprise!!! :D (Just look at how happy J is!)

Beary happy Josh with Beary accomplished me! :)

A group picture of allllll of you who made the surprise possible!! (Luke and Yay don't forget to come back before August to visit!! )

Happy 22nd Birthday Dear Josh!

( Missing all of you already :[ )

Lotsa Love ♥,

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