Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beary Famous!

So on Friday, Christian and Andy came to film Beary Nice! to include us in an upcoming travel show! (Yay!! More people will know of our beary good services and hospitality! :D)

Christian and Andy interviewing Ila, our Beary own Singaporean Guide!! :p (Really, there's hardly any place in Singapore that she does not know of!)

Filming Dorm 2 (Blue room!!)

Goofy Andy would go into any position to get the best lighting/angle hahahaha

Right after they left, Richard came by. Richard is the author for the book "Rough Guide to Singapore/Malaysia".. And he plans to include A Beary Good Hostel and Beary Nice! into his latest collection of the travel guide! :)

Beary Famous indeed! Hehe :)

Lotsa Love ♥,

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