Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beary Tourist-y : Marina Bay Sands

Got an invitation to the premiere of Cirque Eloize iD at Marina Bay Sands. The show was awesome!! The standing ovation from the whole theater was very very veryyyy well deserved. :D

That's 8 chairs, if you were counting!

This guy in red juggled 9 balls at his maximum (in every direction you can imagine)

The Trampoline finale that made the whole theater cheer for a solid 5 minutes. :D

The tickets are priced at S$65 to s$125, available at the Marina Bay Sands Box Office! :) The Lion King and Music from Andrew Lloyd Webber are also showing now!

Marina Bay Sands has more to offer than just quality Musicals and Circus performances. Visit the Art Science Museum where you discover the mysterious ways art and science connect. The unique exterior of this building..... I can't understand how it works. (Well you see, it takes the shape of a lotus flower. Where exactly is the center of gravity?!)

There, go figure.

Want a bird's eye view of Singapore? Go to the Sand Sky Park! :) The view there is breathtaking, both in the day and at night.

You may also want to visit the Casino if you're feeling lucky! :)

Double Helix Bridge Panorama 24042010 02
Before you leave, go to the Helix Bridge in the evening to get some beautiful pictures of the bridge and the night view of Marina Bay Sands :)

Marina Bay Sands is one of the places in Singapore where it makes me feel like I am a tourist myself when I'm there :) So, it's a place that you should not miss as a tourist! :D Do share with us pictures that you have taken if you go there! (So we can replace our google-d images in this post.. haha)

Check this space again for more posts about events happening in Singapore and our tourist hotspots!

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