Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Movie Madness!

What happens when you've got a bunch of great people, drinks, a cozy corner and a real kick-ass movie?

you get a very beary distracted hostel host trying very beary hard to concentrate on his work and gives up after awhile to join in the fun.

its amazing what a movie can do.

Media studies thought me that movies contain media texts. in every scene, the media texts displays virtual sub-conscience messages which allows our minds to retain that memory and even possibly connect it to our lives.

which is why most 1st dates and group outings revolve around movies.

and here at abearygoodhostel, i'd hate to see the mayhem and absolute eurohia once the movie ends, and people from the different walks of life start debating.

Thank God Ive a small storeroom right behind me to hide in, in case things turn ugly. ha ha ha.

I miss Arianna and cenk, the pioneers of movie madness!

haha. those two jokers would watch movie after movie after movie after movie after movie and practically FORCE me not to concentrate on my work.

If i get fired after this blog entree, I'm gonna move in with you guys in the states man. hahahahah!

Cheers one and all!

blogging LIVE frooooom a.. Bearryyy Goooood HoooSSSTeeeeLLLLLLLLL!!


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