Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tom Cruise(ed) away.

Its pretty early in the morning, or extremely late into the night depending on how you look at it.

Sitting here at the reception table, the spinning fan and radio logged in to power98 fm are the only sounds i hear.

If i were to tilt my head over to the right and peek at the comfy orange IKEA couch, i can almost imagine tommy sitting there with his hoobo berms and shirt with the laptop in his lap going,

"watchaa starin at bro? " he would say with a raised eyebrow and snigger.

haha. shit i miss that character man. stupid trigger- happy american.

but thats the sad part about being a hostel host. the only sad part in fact. It comes when you get the opportunity to meet fantastic people, and you learn so much from them. (sometimes the bad stuff too) haha.

and then suddenly. they leave.

and most of the time, they don't take you along with them(lol)

Im quite sentimental and cheesy for a guy. but shit man, i really really wish tommy were back here:(

haha. tommy, come back to visit anytime u like man:) i know you're gonna be reading this pretty soon!

and to all the other people coming or are currently staying here. DON"T make friends with me.

cos if you do, you might never leave this hostel. (evil laugh here)

Night shift Host

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