Thursday, June 17, 2010

4 months old, time to shed old baby skin and in with the new look!

We've just turned 4 months old on 14th June 2010. Still a baby in the business but it seems that we have doing this for the longest time. There's still so much to do, so much to improve... like for instance, our beary good blog. I must say, when I first created it, I just literally took the standard template provided by blogger and my objective was to just have a platform to share stories, provide updates, photos and happenings.

We were so busy trying to get ready for the opening on 14th February that the blog was something that we just did till the very last minute, which was created just a few days before the opening! I have to admit it that it was such a rush job, I did not even care how it looked cos back in my mind, I kept telling myself that after things have settled, I will change the blog outlook, make it nicer, presentable... hehe... but I guess the dust took quite a while to get settled and I finally made myself sit down and shop around for a simple and nice skin for a beary good blog.

We are still thinking of migrating the whole blog over to Wordpress but till we get that sorted out, I think I'll just settle with this new simple look and do away with the ugly orange and outdated template which was created hastily in the first place. :) I'm very sure any template that I've chosen is way better than the old one!!

For those have not seen the old one, well, trust me, you've not missed out anything at all. :)

Anyway, just some fun facts to share, I just did a count of the number of guests who stayed with us since we opened our doors and oh my, we have about more than 3000+++ guests till date!!! I regret that I'm unable to be there all the time at the hostel to meet every single one of you but for those that I did, it was a wonderful experience to at least get to know you! I'm so glad that we have a good team of hosts at a beary good hostel whom one way or another have gotten acquainted to you and are very passionate with their job and with the nice reviews that we've got, it does makes it all worth it!
So, just wanna leave this with a small thank you note. :)
Many, many thanks to you!
You brought real delight
And helped make our day
More happy and more bright!

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