Saturday, June 12, 2010

Boo-boos of the 1-week-old host

If you are checking out on a Wed, Thur, Fri, or Sat, chances are, you will see me, the newest host at a beary good hostel.

And if you do see me, please, do me a favour.

Before you even say "I would like to check out", or even "Hello", please give me your key card and make sure I take it & keep it.

It was a relatively peaceful day at a beary good hostel today. Until I was preparing for two groups' arrival and lo and behold, I was missing two key cards.

It could mean a few things:
1) I'd collected them back from the guests & lost them (somehow).
2) I didn't collect them from the guests.
3) Someone had stolen the key cards (gasp!)

Before I could embark on my 'hunt-for-key-cards' mission, the two groups of people suddenly appeared in front of me, one after another.

So it was Melissa using half her brain trying to check in a group of 3 & another group of 8 whilst trying to think about her missing key cards.

So, if you are reading this and you belong to the group of three from UK, and the group of eight from Hong Kong, now you know why I'd looked so distracted and unsmiling. It's not that I don't like you. Yeah.

Back to the hunt.

Someone must be looking out for me, because the two guests were still in Singapore! One of them was coming back for his luggage, and the other was putting up at another hostel. So it became a matter of sitting & waiting and hoping for the best.

And what do you know?

The key cards were still with them & they remembered that they'd forgotten to give the cards back to me.

The sweetest thing I'd heard all week. Phew.

So. Do me a favour. If it's Melissa checking you out, please give me your key card first.

(Whether or not you get back your security deposit is another story. Heh)

Till the next story!

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