Thursday, June 3, 2010

A NOT so beary good technical glitch! Sorry!

Its funny how much we rely on technology nowadays that we are almost crippled when something happened to our system or we experience any technical difficulties with the email that acts as a 'communication link' between us and our fellow travellers who makes enquiries from all over the world. Well, today is THE day.

We did not receive a single website booking enquiries since midnight of 3rd June 2010 till 8pm today. So, we thought, wow... it feels weird, no enquiries at all from the website? Really? We got bookings from hostelworld, hostelbookers but none coming from the website. Then we realised something must be really wrong.

And true enough, our server was down. =(

Anyway, would like to apologise to those who submitted their reservation details and did not get a reply from us. That's because it did not reach us at all. So, would really appreciate it if you could re-submit the reservation details again @ It's working now.. I've tested it.

My sincere apologies, folks!!

So so sorry for the trouble and hope to hear from you guys soon!

Lisa K

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