Sunday, February 7, 2010

07 Feb 2010 Soft Launch: a beary good and auspicious day

Yup, today is THE day for the opening of a beary good hostel! Well, just a small launch, as we follow the Chinese custom (or we try to...he he), my mum went to a chinese temple a couple of weeks back and asked the 'master' for a good and auspicious date to 'open' our hostel business. And it was advised that 7th of Feb 2010 would be the best date for us to open our business (figuratively), and the little 'opening ceremony' must be done before 11am.

So, what's the little ritual that we need to do? Well, we have to decorate our main door with a red cloth. RED is an auspicious colour for the chinese as it represents wealth and prosperity. So, here is what our little bear logo sinage looks like. :) It's as though we are trying to dress sleepy bear up. :)

Next, my mum burnt some incense and walk around the hostel and prayed for success of our hostel business and smooth delivery. Next, she laid some offerings for the prayer.

Offerings for our small opening ceremony

All those items for offerings, the pink flour cake, oranges and pineapple all symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Then, its done! Just a simple praying and we are off to a good start for our business!

Thereafter, with the help from Amp, she took some nice photos of the hostel and the surrounding areas. :)

Then we went for a nice lunch and off to do some last minute shopping for the hostel! :) It's been a long tiring day but it's very fruitful. Will share more but need to Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz first, so later folks......

Big Beary Hugs,
Lisa K

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