Monday, February 22, 2010

Tales From the Crypt.

Its Interesting how interesting things can get when its 3 in the morning and imagination... well, tends to get a little lethargic, and decides last minute to go on some kind of overly zealous maze- of- horror sprint.

In simpler terms. i was scaring myself silly with my own imagination.

tom and i were just chilling around and talking. Great Chat with the chap. we started off easy with topics like education, national service. things like that. Until i had to open my mouth and mention about ghosts.

after a brief hair raising interlude. I told him to switch the rainbow 6 game back on and go shoot some terrorists while i let the sound of flying bullets and exploding grenades calm my frayed cowardly nerves.

I never thought i would actually feel so comfortable discussing about my fears with anyone. let alone any of the guests here. its quite a family orientated environment i would say. Nevertheless.

I'm a pretty cool guy. But when it comes to things like that.. scares the bejeabbers out of me.

so if you're planning on holding up this hostel, and i happen to be on watch, don't bother bringing your weapons or your muscles .

just put some black paint on your mum's face and check her in.

.Also prepare the taxi fare for me to the nearest hospital to treat my cardiac arrest.

An experience no other hostel can ever provide.

and in this case for me. beary beary scary:) hahaha.

This is Charles, one the most cowardly Hosts. So do me a favour if you are dropping by, leave your ghosts stories for the day shift gals.


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