Sunday, February 21, 2010

a beary good FRIENDS Checking in and out!

It's a pity I can't take photos of every single guest that stayed in abearygoodhostel. That would have been awesome. I was running about trying to make them feel at home, make sure everything is working properly, and keeping the place clean and sometimes, just slipped my mind to take photos. Luckily, managed to take a few and there are some photos taken by the wonderful guests whom I hope will email the photos over so I could upload it to facebook/blog. Anyway, here are some of our beary good FRIENDS!! Miss you guys!

David, Suzanne and Yours Truly

Dan the Bear Man! Got wasted the first night he arrived.

Thanks to Tomas who sang and played his guitar while the rest of the people socialize @ our bearygood lounge...:)

Say Cheese Everybody!!
From Left: Stuart aka Panda, Me, Andrea, Evelyn, Suzanne and Rebecca

Amp explaining to the sweet Korean ladies on Bak Kut Teh or something... cos the Korean ladies were on a Food Trip! :)

From Left: Tommy, Evelyn, Rabbit Eater Joachim (hehe!!) and Guitar Playing Tomas

Guess Who? Stuart after a night of partying, coming back the hostel to find our gift to him... a puke bucket! ha ha

This is just the tip of the iceberg on what's been happening in the hostel. hehe... anyway, will upload more happenings and action.

p/s: I just brought the PS3 over to the hostel this evening.. I'm sure some game playing is happening as I'm blogging now! he he...

Till then... sayonara!


Lisa K

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