Saturday, February 20, 2010

a beary good LOOK

Time for me to blog again...:) Trying to keep this blog alive and provide some useful tips and information. Anyway, tomorrow, Sunday 21st Feb 2010, we will turn ONE week old and really can't imagine how we managed to pull it off. There were ups and downs but hey, we survived!!! It's been crazy. We had wonderful guests and we still do...

Well, been wanting to upload and share more photos of how our cute cosy little hostel look like! So I decided to put up in the blog now. So, presenting a beary good "looking" hostel.. ha ha!!

The Entrance

The Reception (that's me pretending to look busy..hehe)

Our cosy and colourful lounge

Internet Kiosk (spanking new netbooks) and the whole place is Wi-Fi-ed

Breakfast Counter - Communal Style
(tsk tsk, that's Bill in the background, pretending to be surfing, ha ha)

Games Galore (Nintendo Wii and large collection of Books)

The Funky Blue Room

Spacious Dorm Rooms

The Cool Green Room

Shower and Toilet Area (Hairdryer provided, mind you!)

Bright Yellow Shower Rooms and Toilets
So, what do y'all think? We welcome feedback on how to improve our hostel!! Feel free to drop us a note.

Next blog, I'll be putting up photos and some videos of our abearygood FRIENDs!!!

For now, it's time to sleeeeeppp, something that I wish I could have more... wonder can I have 48hours within a day... he he...

Good Beary Hugs from Lisa K

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Anonymous said...

hi! how many shower rooms do you have? we're planning to book 9 people in your dorm room. hope to hear from you soon!