Sunday, February 21, 2010

a beary good LOOK: Part II

More photos around the hostel to share and bring you closer to abearygoodhostel. Our hostel is always a work in progress. So many things we want to do to make it a more cosy and homely place. We received alot of common feedback that the place is colourful, vibrant and most important of all... COSY and HOMELY. Yay! That's our main goal and I think we are getting there and reaching it! Anyway, more on the hostel.........

Entertainment Corner

Games and Books (Travel, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Romance, Business, Fantasy, etc!!)

Magazines and Books!!

hehe... ok, more books... well you get the picture, ya!!!

Security Card Access System located at each door (that's my fingers by the way... haha!)

We are watching YOU!!! Security Cam @ Main Areas
Feedback and Display Corner
Bear Corner???.... (actually I'm not sure what to call this area)

Cute Gallery along the Stairway from Entrance

We handpainted these old wooden frames and placed it all over the hostel ;)

Yup, that's about it. I still have more photos of the cool and wacky guests!! Maybe tonight. Now, it's time to do some check-ins!



Lisa K

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