Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Beary First Post!

Greetings everyone! This shall be my very first post in our blog. Wow, it'll be just 7 more days to go for the Grand Opening of "a beary good hostel". We are into our last mile for the completion of our renovation work and gearing up to make sure that our hostel will be ready for all our guests from all over the world!

The responses for our SGD2/bed/night from 14 Feb till 21 Feb has been overwhelming. We are almost booked for the week and more... thanks for all your support! We will make sure you will have a beary good stay with us.

The atmosphere around Chinatown is simply wonderful. The streets are filled with people every single day till midnight! The stalls selling new year goods, people haggling over prices could be heard along the busy street and so many people can be seen whipping out their cameras to take nice shots of the vibrant colours of Chinatown. Its a joy to be located at one of the busiest street in Chinatown, nestled amongst the heritage shophouses @ Pagoda Street.

Pagoda Street

Thanks to Amp for helping to take some nice shots of the hostel and Chinatown surroundings today! So, will share and give a little sneak peek of what our little hostel gonna look like! :)

Left: Main Door, Right: External Signage

Personally love our cute little sleepy bear logo. :) The signages are big and brightly coloured to ensure that our guests will be able to locate our small little hostel. hee hee...:)

abearygoodhostel signage, view from 2nd floor

As you can see, from the photo above, the MRT/Subway station is just right outside of the hostel. So, when we say 10 sheltered steps, we mean it... :)

Our brightly coloured internal windows

We played around with colours to bring life to the good old shophouse, retaining it's original heritage structure and injecting a vibrant feel in our little hostel. :)

Our good bear at our reception

Yes! we are very proud of our logo, so it's all over the hostel. ha ha... :) Anyway, these are some of the photos and you have not seen the last of it!!! Many more will be shared with you as frequently as possible to bring you closer to our humble little inn we call a beary good hostel. In the mean time, do come and visit our website @ or join as abearygoodhostel Fan in Facebook to get more updates!!

Beary good hugs,
Lisa K

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